A Closer Look at Fire-Rated Exit Doors

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Understanding Their Vital Role in Fire Safety

Safety and security are important when constructing a building to make it a safe and secure place for people. To make the building safe and secure, we need to protect it from damage, disasters, and fires affecting the building.

Fire-rated exit doors are designed to solve this problem for you.  This allows you to safely exit your home or building in any fire emergency, and this fire-rated door prevents fire from spreading from one room to another.

Still not clear about the fire-rated exit door? Why is it used? How it works and what it does to protect your building from a fire emergency? Don’t worry; we have all the answers to your questions.

A Closer Look at Fire-Rated Exit Doors
A Closer Look at Fire-Rated Exit Doors

What are fire-rated exit doors?

The fire-rated exit door is a great technology, developed over a long period of time, and the best option to exit in a fire emergency. These fire-rated exit doors are made up of various materials and strong metals, which reduce or stop the fire, smoke, radiant heat, etc., as well as prevent the fire from spreading to different rooms.

Wood, steel, fiber, fire-rated glass, etc. are some of the common materials used to build a fire-rated door. Fire-rated exit doors are mainly popular for commercial buildings like lobbies, stairwells, and garages. Where there is fear of fire and no option to get out in case of fire.

Types of fire-rated exit doors

The fire-rated exit doors are easily divisible into two parts based on the number of door wings, just like all other doors.

  • One-wing fire-rated exit doors

The number of wings is chosen based on the place where we need to install the doors. One-wing doors are mainly used for emergency evacuation of small rooms with fewer people.

  • Two wings fire-rated exit doors

Whereas two-wing fire-rated exit doors are designed for large buildings and rooms to allow simultaneous exit of large numbers of people.

Why do you need Fire-rated exit doors?

  • Protect against fire

Powerful fire-rated materials and components allow them to prevent and reduce the spread of fire, smoke, and high-temperature heat from one place to another.  In case of a fire emergency, it will prevent the spread of fire.

  • Safe and secure exit option

Fire-rated exit doors give you a safe and secure exit option in case of a fire emergency. It has two main functions: firstly, it gives you the facility of safe evacuation, secondly, it confines the fire to one room and prevents it from spreading.