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Trader, Manufacturer and Installer of all kind of facility access and control products.

BAB has been designing, fabricating and installing industrial & residential doors, gates, shutters and barriers since 2011. BAB brand has grown to become an industry icon that reflects engineering ingenuity and innovation. We tailor our products and business strategy to fit the needs of the international marketplace. We are committed to quality products, innovative designs and comprehensive services, which exceed our customer’s expectations.


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Automatic garage door with remote
Automatic garage door with remote
Fire rated door
Fire rated door
Roller shutter
Roller shutter
Aluminium fabrication and glass doors
Aluminum fabrication and glass doors
Sliding gate
Sliding gate
Security & Access control
Security & Access control
Gate barrier
Gate barrier
Access control
and more

Our Services

Solution architect, Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Spare Parts, AMCs and more…

New installs


When looking for a solution to your facility’s access & control, we educate you about the available options and work towards deciding on the best one. We ensure all gates, doors and shutters are installed with the highest precision and high-quality automation products.

Maintenance and Repair


Automatic gates and doors are made up of mechanical and electrical components that are often under stress. By performing preventive maintenance you can avoid costly service and preserve your system. We guarantee swift and hassle-free service at your doorstep.

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Our qualified team of technicians and certified engineers are specialized in providing solutions for automating – access and control. From deciding on when to use remote control switch to using hi-tech retina scanner based entry, we do it all.


Great products and efficient systems will only deliver the promised quality. From our fabrication and installation services to our rugged, dependable professional tools, we give you the peace of mind of knowing your project. BAB makes it possible by using branded products only.

Automatic Garage Door

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