Automatic Garage Door Installation at Al Mizar, Dubai

Al Mizar, a prestigious location in Dubai, sought a robust solution for their garage door needs. The project demanded a reliable and technologically advanced automatic garage door with an operator. This case study highlights the successful installation, challenges faced, the solution provided, and the positive outcomes.

Product and Brand:
For this project, Maran tech, a renowned German brand, was chosen for the automatic garage door operator, while high-quality panels from Italy were used for the door itself.

The primary challenge was the substantial size of the garage door, measuring an impressive 8.5 meters in width. Such dimensions required a customized approach to ensure the door’s functionality and safety.

To meet this garage door’s immense size challenge, a tailored solution was advised. Specialized panels, imported from Italy, were selected to ensure structural integrity and durability. For the automatic operation, a heavy-duty motor from Maran tech, a reputable German manufacturer, was chosen. The combination of Italian panels and German motor technology ensured the door’s reliability and longevity.

The installation was executed seamlessly, adhering to the highest safety standards. The engineering team ensured that the automatic garage door operated flawlessly, providing convenience and security.


  • Durable Installation: The use of premium Italian panels and a heavy-duty German motor guaranteed the longevity of the garage door, withstanding the test of time and frequent usage.
  • Premium Quality Branded Products: By using products from renowned brands such as Maran tech and the Italian panels, the client received a superior, long-lasting solution that added value to their property.

The successful installation of the automatic garage door at Al Mizar not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The door’s performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal were of the highest standards. As a result, the client was highly satisfied with the outcome and referred the service provider for other projects, reflecting their trust in the expertise and quality of work delivered.

This case study serves as a testament to the ability to overcome challenging project requirements, deliver exceptional results, and build strong client relationships through the use of premium quality branded products and expert craftsmanship.