Sectional Door Installation in Dry Docks, DMC, Dubai

Sectional Door Installation in Dubai


The purpose of this case study is to explore how a sectional door was successfully installed in the dry docks of DMC, Dubai. Here, the door installed was a sectional door from Seip Italy with an Italy motor. The installation presented unique challenges requiring meticulous attention. Here’s what has happened in the case:


The challenges that we faced in this case study are:

  1. Limited space and accessibility necessitate careful design and implementation.
  2. Implementing the naval facility’s strict security procedures and safety rules
  3. Coordinating with contractors and naval personnel
  4. Working in a setting with particular technological needs relevant to warships


The solutions to the challenges were:

  1. To ensure a proper fit, it is important to carefully plan and study the installation site before installing the sectional door.
  2. Collaborating closely with the Drydocks Dubai to understand and follow their specific requirements and instructions
  3. Employing highly skilled experts with extensive experience in installing sectional doors even under challenging conditions
  4. Using specific tools and equipment suitable for a naval setting
  5. Maintaining open communication and frequent coordination with all involved parties to ensure a seamless installation process.


The solution’s execution resulted in the perfect installation of the sectional door, done in accordance with the necessary specifications.

  1. The sectional door was erected with the goal of maximising accessibility and usefulness.
  2. It worked without a hitch with all operational and safety requirements.
  3. It was perfectly compatible and durable.
  4. The effective installation proved our team’s capacity and skill in managing complicated projects in difficult circumstances.


The Drydocks Dubai gained a number of advantages as a result of the sectional door’s effective installation, including:

  1. The warship’s increased usefulness and accessibility with efficient mobility of troops and equipment
  2. Strengthened security and safety procedures.
  3. Building a solid working relationship with the Drydocks Dubai for future cooperation and commercial potential
  4. Extending our prospective client base and market reach


Our team adhered to all instructions and followed the unique requirements to achieve a perfect installation. As a result, we were not only able to reap immediate benefits but also positioned ourselves for future business opportunities. We’re determined to be involved in similar projects in the future and to strengthen our industry presence as well.