Polycarbonate Shutter Solution for Mall at Jumeirah

Mall Security with Polycarbonate Shutter

Client’s Need:

A mall wanted to improve its security without compromising its classy appearance. They aimed to install a strong and good-looking polycarbonate rolling shutter at their entrances.

Product Choices:
We Recommended top brands: UAE SLAT for the tough polycarbonate slats and TAIWAN MOTOR for the smooth motor system. These choices guaranteed top quality and performance for the mall’s security solution.

The Challenge:
The main challenge was to ensure the chosen solution met the mall’s high standards and maintained its luxurious image.

Our Solution:
To meet the mall’s demands, we suggested a complete solution using top-notch products. We proposed a polycarbonate rolling shutter with slats from UAE SLAT and a motor system from TAIWAN MOTOR. The durable slats were transparent, strong, and could handle different weather conditions. The motor system ensured easy and reliable operation.

What We Did and Achieved:
Our team installed the rolling shutter exactly as required. The end result met all quality expectations and solved the mall’s security worries. The clear slats let people see into the mall even when the shutter was down, keeping the mall inviting even when closed.

Benefits for the Mall:
The project was a big success. It not only increased security but also added to the mall’s beauty. The high-quality products and precise installation gave the mall a security solution that blended perfectly with its fancy image.

Looking Ahead:
The success of Project JUMEIRAH showcased our team’s expertise in providing great security solutions. The owner was really happy, and this might lead to more projects in the future. This project proved that our focus on quality can bring us more business.

The partnership between the mall and our team proved that picking top-quality products, careful work, and attention to detail can create a security solution that works well and looks great. This success showed that our team is good at providing security solutions that exceed expectations, opening doors for more business opportunities.