Customized Side Door for Garage with Georgian Bar

Customized Side Door for Garage with Georgian Bar


The client, residing in the prestigious Reem community in Dubai, had a specific requirement for a side door for their garage with a Georgian Bar design.

Product Installed:

AL BAB, a reputable brand known for its high-quality doors and windows, was the source of the chosen product for this project, expected to meet both aesthetic and functional criteria.

Brand Overview: AL BAB

AL BAB, the chosen brand for the garage side door project in the Reem community, is synonymous with excellence in the field of doors and windows. Renowned for its commitment to quality craftsmanship, AL BAB has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The preferred choice for discerning clients is made by the brand’s products, characterized by durability, aesthetic appeal, and cutting-edge design.


The primary challenge in this project was the customization of the door to incorporate the Georgian Bar design. The client had a distinct vision for the door’s appearance, requiring a skilled glass manufacturer to bring the design to life.


To address the customization challenge, the project team collaborated with a reputed glass manufacturer specializing in bespoke designs. The glass manufacturer worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and provided expert guidance on the feasibility and implementation of the Georgian Bar design.


The flawless installation of the customized garage side door met all industry standards for safety and durability. The glass incorporated the Georgian Bar design, creating a visually stunning and unique entrance for the garage.


The success of the project went beyond the installation phase. The customized design not only met the client’s expectations but also garnered positive attention from the Emaar community. The aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood was enhanced by the acceptance and appreciation of the particular Georgian Bar design by community members.


The client expressed complete satisfaction with the project outcome. The customized side door not only fulfilled the functional requirements but also significantly enhanced the overall appearance of the property. Delighted with the results, the client happily referred the services of AL BAB and the glass manufacturer to other members of the community, solidifying the success of the project and showcasing the expertise and quality associated with the collaboration.